Eco trails

Eco trails around Veliko Tarnovo:

Negovanca eco trail – the first eco path ever built on the territory of Bulgaria. Negovanka River – right feeder of Rossitsa river - forms a magnificent gorge known by the name Emen canyon.

Hotnica ecopath – village Hotnica - Hotnica waterfall

Arbanassi eco trail –A recently constructed eco-trail with panoramic views of Veliko Tarnovo.

Dryanovo and Via Ferrata Eco-trails are located within the region of Dryanovo Monastery.


Uzana ski resort is located only 65 km away.


There are two swimming pools in a short distance (1-2 km) from the villa.


The river Belitsa is rich in a variety of different types of fish.

Horse riding

In the village of Arbanassi and Gabrovtsi you can enjoy the pleasure of horse riding, either learning how to ride a horse or just to walk in a carriage.